Suddenly Sapphires

Suddenly Sapphires

Poetry and artwork by Dina Pearlman

A.P.D.  (Amazing Poetic Divina)

in collaboration with

Dina Pearlman/Word & Image

announces the publication of Suddenly Sapphires

This attractive, diminutive (4”x5 ¼”) 50 page chapbook contains poems mostly written during the past several years, although, as Dina states, “I’ve included a few odds and ends that I felt were the seeds of ideas I later extrapolated on.”  Dina Pearlman is a painter, print-maker and  photographer, as well as a poet, and yoga teacher.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the Hudson Valley and in New York City.

Suddenly Sapphires (ISBN 0-9714631-6-6) is distributed by A.P.D. (A Painter Dina) of Albany, NY and SHIVASTAN Publishing of Woodstock, NY.

Other poetry collections by Dina Pearlman include new Saugertisians (2001) and Cadmium Red (2002).  For more information about her work, visit her website at

Copies of Suddenly Sapphires, poems by Dina Pearlman may be ordered at $8.00 per copy, plus $1.00 shipping, from:

280 South Main Ave.
Albany, NY  12208-2301

Checks may be made payable to “A.P.D.”