Inauguration Raga, $3.00 by Dan Wilcox

Moses Parts the Tulips, $5.00 by Cheryl Rice

Suddenly Sapphires, $8.00 by Dina Pearlman

To the Husband I Have Not Yet Met   $8.00 by Mary Kathryn Jablonski

Also available from A.P.D.

The Barbara Holland Series:

#1:  Meditations of a Survivor (a science fiction poem) by Dan Wilcox  $5.00

#2:  For the Birds  by Maureen L. Kowsky   $5.00

#3Distant Kinships by Anthony Bernini $12.00

The Bob Kaufman Series:

#7:  Three Sides to the Looking Glass (a Poem for Albany)  by Rachel Zitomer   $5.00

#8:  Having Lunch with the Sky, by Joan McNerney   $3.00

#9:  Baghdad/Albany & other Peace Poems  by Dan Wilcox  $1.00

#10 Poeming the Prompt, by Dan Wilcox  $5.00

#11:  Coyote: poems of suburban living by Dan Wilcox  $5.00